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Madras: Fairly Hot


Ceylon: With coconut. Fairly Hot


Vindaloo: Very hot


Korma: Cooked with coconut, sugar and fresh cream. Mild


Malayan: Cooked with coconut, pineapple and fresh cream. Mild


Kashmiri: Cooked with coconut, lychee, banana and fresh cream. Mild


Karahi: Cooked in a pan called a Korai (Wok). Cooked with green pepper, chopped onions and fresh herbs. Served Sizzling. Medium Heat


Rogon: Cooked with lots of fresh tomatoes and herbs.


Bhuna: Fairly dry. Medium Heat


Dupiaza: Cooked with lots of chopped onions and exotic spices. Garnished with coriander and fairly dry. Medium Heat


Saag: Cooked with spinach

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